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  This is the main section of the site which consists of five categories that cover major topics related to hospital pharmacy.   Administrational Clinical Pharmacy/ Patient Care Drug Distribution and Control Quality/Performance Improvement and Medication Safety. 
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Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (P&T Committee)
Continuing Education and Staff Development
Hospital Formulary Management
Policy and Procedures Manual
Competence Assessment

Clinical Services / Patient Care
Pharmaceutical Care
Clinical Pharmacy
Drug and Poison Information Service
Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Patient Counseling

Drug Distribution and Control
Material Management and Inventory Control
Prepackaging and Extemporaneous Preparations
Controlled Substances Distribution
Drug Distribution Systems
Intravenous Admixture Program
Hazardous Drugs HDs
Compounding Parenteral Nutrition Admixtures
Ambulatory Care Pharmacy / Outpatient Pharmacy
Automated Pharmacy Systems
Home Care

Quality & Performance Improvement
Pharmacy Quality Improvement Program
Pharmacy Quality Indicators/Measures
Medication Use Evaluation
Quality Terms

Medication Safety
Medication Safety: Programs, Self Assessment, and Strategy
Medication Errors
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)

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